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General Transfer 2023


Notification - General Transfer 2023

Final Transfer Report

Draft List

Agricultural Assistants / Assistant Agricultural Officers

Likely Vacancy List

Station Mapping List
Difficult Area Offices List
Cadre Mapping List


1. കൃഷിവകുപ്പിന് കീഴിലുള്ള  ഓഫീസുകളുടെ ഗവൺമെന്റ് ഇ-മെയിൽ വിലാസം

2.     Government E-mail ID - User Manual by NIC
        Kavach Two factor Security for Government mail by NIC
        Government mail User Manual for Advanced Users
        Government Mail User Manual for Basic Users

3. Circular on use of Gov mail mandatorily- E &ITD

4. Issue of Permanent Official Mobile Numbers to Officers and Offices

4. Annexure – II List of suggested Social Media activities for offices and Officers of Department of  Agriculture Development & Farmers’ Welfare and useful software applications

5. Annexure – III Framework & Guidelines for Use of Social Media for Government Organisations

5. Annexure – IV GO(Rt) No. 1864/15/AD dated 05.11.2015 Administrative Sanction

6. Annexure – V  The Information technology Act 2008 

7. Annexure – VI BSNL Nodal Officers

8. IT Sub Policies and Guidelines 2017- Malayalam Version
     IT Sub Polices and Guidelines 2017- English Version

Regularisation and Probation

Orders and Circulars

Forms and Formats

Verification Schedule













Transfer/Promotion Orders


Senior  Superintendent

Deputy Director of Agriculture

Fair Copy Superintendent

Accounts Officer/ Administrative Assistant

Ratio Promotion - Fair Copy Superintendent

LAB Assistant

UD Clerk/Senior Clerk


Confidential Assistant 

Transfer - Agricultural Assistants / Assistant Agricultural Office

Ratio Promotion-Agricultural Assistant Grade II to Agricultural Assistant Grade I

Ratio Promotion-Agricultural Assistant Grade I to Assistant Agricultural Officer

Scientific Assistant 

Scientific Assistant Grade-II to Grade I

Scientific Assistant Grade-II (Category Change)

Scientific Assistant Grade I to Senior Grade Scientific Assistant

Attender/Lab Attender

Attender/Lab Attender (Category Change)

Promotion to the post of Senior Grade Scientific Assistant

Promotion to the cadre of Senior Clerk / UDC - 26/01/2005 TO 03/10/2013 - Final Order

Promotion to the cadre of Clerk from Last Grade Service (10%)

I Grade Overseer

II Grade Overseer

Agricultural Officers - Transfer and Posting

Agricultural Officers by transfer from Agricultural Assistants under 2% quota 

Agricultural Officers from qualified Agricultural  Assistants under 13% quota

Agricultural Field Officer

Joint Director of Agriculture

Additional Director of Agriculture

Assistant Director of Agriculture

Junior Superintendent/Head Clerk

Junior Superintendent Higher Grade Ratio Promotion

Class IV Ratio Promotion

Typist Ratio Promotion

Driver Grade/Ratio Promotion

Senior Mechanic

Seniority List

Agricultural Officer

Senior Clerk

Joint Director of Agriculture

Deputy Director of Agriculture

Assistant Director of Agriculture

Senior Scientific Assistant

Scientific Assistant Grade II

LD Clerk

Agricultural Assistant having B.Sc Agriculture degree

Agricultural Assistant

Agricultural Assistant / Assistant Agricultural Officer

Agricultural Field Officer

Confidential Assistant

Accounts Officer


Typist - Confidential Assistant

Attender/Lab Attender

Junior superintendent

Administrative Assistant/ Accounts Officer

Overseer Grade II

Last Grade Employees

Senior superintendent


Assistant Agricultural Engineer

Work Superintendent


Tractor Driver

Feeder Category to Assistant Agricultural Engineer

മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിയുടെ പൊതുജന പരാതി പരിഹാര സംവിധാനം



General Transfer 2022


Notification for the cadre of Agricultural Assistant (Inter District Transfer)

  • Intra District Transfer- Agricultural Assistant

Final Transfer Report

Draft List