Development of Agriculture Sector in Kuttanad

H/A: 2401-00-119-78 Rs. 1700.00 lakh

The component wise breakup of outlay of ₹ 1700.00 lakh for development of agricultural sector in Kuttanad in 2022-23 is as below.

         Out of the total outlay, an amount of ₹ 1200.00 lakh is earmarked for infrastructure development of various padasekharams in Kuttanad region and for establishment of Vertical Axial Flow pump/submersible pumpsets 10-50 HP replacing the conventional Petti & Para, including construction of raised platforms for installation. Convergence of infrastructure development works of various padasekharams undertaken under RKVY, RIDF and LSGD  will be ensured. The infrastructure works carried out by KLDC shall also be integrated intothis.
During 2022-23, in order to reduce the dependence on conventional energy sources, the centrally sponsored scheme PM KUSUM will be implemented by the Department in collaboration with ANERT to utilize solar energy in agriculture. Accordingly, 30% of the expenditure in setting up solar powered pump sets will be met from the central funds with equal contribution from ANERT. 20 % of the expenditure in capital expenditure will be met from the State Plan funds as top up subsidy. The beneficiary contribution will be 20 %. An amount of 500.00 lakh is allocated for meeting the top up subsidy. ₹ Preference will be given for energisation of pumps in Kuttanad region.

           For small, marginal and medium farmers with less than 5 acres, there will be provision for availing loans from PACS. The annual repayment of loans can be met from sale of solar energy generated. No direct cash subsidy will be provided under the scheme.