Development of Production and Technology Support

H/A: 2401-00-109-56 Rs. 650.00 lakh

          The objective of the scheme is to provide technology to farmers in the field through demonstration and to support and hand hold the Farmer Producer Organisations (collectives of the farms) as part of Farm Plan based approach. An amount of ₹ 650.00 lakh is earmarked for this scheme during 2023-24.
The Director of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University will conduct various suitable demonstration activities, state, district and block level conferences which will also disseminate the research outputs of the University and also those outputs from different SAUs/ICAR which are suitable for our farms. It is reiterated that published and proven production protocols as endorsed by Kerala Agricultural University only will be disseminated including scientifically proven organic farming. The Directorate of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University will chart a detailed technical module to develop and disseminate technical inputs on a regular basis. The preparation of a technology dissemination and extension plan will be done by Kerala Agricultural University. An amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is earmarked for KAU for this purpose, to be transferred in lumpsum to the Director of Extension, KAU once AS is issued.
Development of a digital platform with the technical support of Digital University of Kerala, for development of a comprehensive database comprising of pre-production baseline data, production and post-production data of the farm units on a continuous basis and its updation was one of the major activity envisaged during 2022-23. Suitable mechanism will be developed by the Digital University of Kerala to capture and store the data. The allocated amount for the scheme includes the expenses related to refinement and maintenance of the digital platform.
Formation of Farmer Producer Organisations (Companies/Cooperatives) by aggregation of farm units of 2-3 neighboring panchayats targeted under the farm plan development approach in 2022-23 will continue. The existing FPOs will be supported in product development, branding, labeling and marketing including provisions for technical support. This does not envisage support to the existing FPOs formed under central government /NABARD scheme. Linkages will be established with LSG institutions for support of FPOs.
These will act as business organisations which will act as catalysts for development in these areas. Suitable steps will be taken to form such organisations. However, for FPO formation, individual projects need to be placed in the state level committee and approved. For formation and handholding of Farmer Producer Companies under the scheme, suitable technical support team will be developed involving qualified technical hands in the field of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Irrigation and they will act as the Technical Resource Team. The FPO formation plans which are placed for approval without suitable technical linkages will be summarily rejected. The Department will seek support of existing technical agencies with good credentials, both in government and non- government sector on a need based manner.