Office Automation and IT Infrastructure

H/A: 2401-00-001-86 Rs. 575.00 lakh

Information and communication technology applications in agriculture sector paves way to application of improved agricultural technologies, effective production strategies and timely delivery of benefits and services directly to farmers. It also helps to address the challenges in agricultural marketing. During 2023-24, an amount of ₹ 575.00 lakh is allocated for applications of ICT in agriculture under the following components.

             e-office will be implemented in all the offices during the year. AIMS software will be developed to its full functionality for seamless flow of data from Krishi Bhavan to Government level capturing all activities and services rendered by the department. Maintenance and upgradation of IT infrastructure facilities including video conferences/Virtual classroom is included. Priority will be given for ICT development activities of Krishi Bhavans targeted to be transformed to Smart Krishi Bhavan during the year.