Post-harvest Management & Value Addition

H/A: 2435-01-800-94Rs. 800.00 lakh

                    The objective of the scheme is to promote medium, small and micro agro processing/value addition units ensuring income increase to farmers, revamping Farmer Producer Organisations and generating employment opportunities. Promotion of innovative technologies in value addition and entrepreneurship in agriculture will also be supported. Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium (SFAC) will implement
these activities performing the role of a nodal agency.

            The component wise breakup of the outlay of ₹ 800.00 lakh for the scheme during 2024-25 is shown below.

             Project based support for micro, small and medium agro processing/value addition units, individual/SHG based value addition units will be provided through SFAC for which an amount of ₹ 150.00 lakh is earmarked. An amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is set apart for providing assistance to small and medium value addition units in Government sector/PSUs/ Cooperatives/FPOs through SFAC. Wherever necessary, projects may be implemented in coordination with Krishi Bhavans. All the proposals / projects will be vetted by SFAC and approved for implementation as per the existing operational guidelines of MSME scheme. The vetting, monitoring and evaluation of the projects will be done by a team of experts constituted at SFAC from within the officials trained for the purpose in reputed institutions like IRMA, CFTRI, IIM etc.


              The support for apiculture and honey production will be continued for the benefit of honey growers and promotion of value added honey products through State Horticulture Mission with the involvement of FPOs in integration with MIDH and Honey Mission. An amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is set apart for this component. An amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is set apart as operational support to SFAC including training.
Considering the importance of promoting Farmer Producer Organizations in the field of agricultural production, processing and marketing, an amount of ₹ 200.00 lakh is allocated for revamping the existing Farmer Producer Organisation through SFAC. The proposals for revamping will be submitted to SFAC and assistance will be provided in project mode after proper vetting. The amount will be provided as one time assistance. Last year projects will not be considered. An amount of ₹ 150.00 lakh is set apart as support to small and medium agro processing initiatives through FPOs.