Support for Marketing Agricultural produce

H/A : 2435-01-800-99 Rs.119.00lakh H/A : 2435-01-101-85 Rs.2150.00 lakh H/A : 2401-00-119-77 Rs.50.00 lakh H/A : 2435-01-101-73 1000.00 lakh

             The objective of the programme is to address the issues related to price fluctuation, lack of efficient marketing system and post-harvest losses. Strengthening of existing market infrastructure, coordinating the functioning of markets at various levels in collection, transportation, storage and processing, strengthening of market intelligence and adoption of innovative technologies in agricultural marketing are the major focus areas. The component wise breakup of outlay for 2024-25 for this programme is given below.

              An amount of ₹ 130.00 lakh is earmarked for infrastructure development and operational expenses of agriculture wholesale markets and district procurement centers. The functioning of these markets will be in accordance with the e-NAM guidelines so as to facilitate unified market for agricultural commodities. Infrastructure development of the wholesale markets will be undertaken on priority basis based on the action plan prepared by the market secretaries in consultation with the market executive committee. The action plan with estimate from Government accredited agency will be submitted to the Director of agriculture for approval. The work will be entrusted to accredited agencies.
The current market information will be made available to farmers for selling their produce. The up to date data will be collected and uploaded to website to be accessible by farmers. An amount of ₹ 40.00 lakh is earmarked for Agmarknet and market intelligence. An amount of ₹ 80.00 lakh is set apart for Kerala State Agricultural Prices Board and ₹ 5.00 lakh to WTO Cell as operational expenses.
Additional support will be provided @ ₹ 10000 per market to selected weekly markets having high turnover (₹ 2.00 lakh/market/month) within A grade markets and ecoshops for which an amount of ₹ 25.00 lakh is set apart. Revolving fund to these markets will be provided as one time assistance only. The responsibility of maintenance of revolving fund will be vested with local Agriculture Officer/Assistant Director of Agriculture concerned. In order to motivate the farmers to bring their produce to departmental markets for auction and to avail the direct marketing facilities, transportation subsidy will be provided for which an amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is allocated. Detailed guidelines in this regard will be issued by the Director of Agriculture.

                 Assistance will be provided for development of ecoshops for marketing of organic farm products produced locally for which an amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is  allocated. Karshaka mitras will be engaged in potential panchayats for effective coordination of marketing of surplus farm produce from farmers field to the collection centre/market thereby facilitating sale of produce and income to farmer. Graded incentive structure to karshakamitras based on quantity procured by each Karshaka mitra will be followed. An amount of 60.00 lakh ₹ is earmarked for engaging Karshaka mitras. The service of karshakamitras shall also be utilized in farms covered under Farm Plan based development without additional financial commitments.
Considering the importance of cold chain segment in marketing of agricultural produce, supply chain management with cold chain maintenance will be supported during 2024-25. An amount of ₹ 250.00 lakh is set apart for establishment of cold outlets in the districts not covered in the previous years. The integration of funds available under Central Sector schemes viz. MIDH, SMAM etc. will be explored for activities related to marketing and supply chain management including cold storage for efficient utilization of resources. An amount of ₹ 500.00 lakh is earmarked for market development activities of VFPCK.
An amount of ₹ 2200.00 lakh is earmarked as market intervention support for price stabilization including base price support fixed for vegetables and fruits to farmers. The amount will be utilized for procurement operations through designated agencies on selected agricultural commodities to help to regulate the fluctuation in market prices and provide good quality vegetables and fruits to beneficiaries at reasonable prices especially during the festival season. Out of this, an amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is earmarked to provide the announced base price for fruits and vegetables to farmers, in the event of decline in prices. No additional fund will be earmarked for this purpose.
It is envisaged to help the coconut farmers of the State through green coconut procurement during 2024-25 thereby facilitating remunerative price to farmers. An amount of ₹ 1000.00 lakh is earmarked exclusively for green coconut procurement through VFPCK ensuring a transparent mechanism. The facilities provided through NAFED shall be fully tapped in the procurement process.
However a strict surveillance mechanism for procurement and market intervention activities will be set up at State level under the Chairmanship of Agricultural Production Commissioner. CEO, VFPCK, and other members of departmental working group will be members of the committee. The committee will meet at quarterly intervals and discuss the progress and operational issues of the scheme.