Coconut Development

H/A: 2401-00-103-87 Rs. 7390.00 lakh

The strategy proposed for coconut development is to enhance the production and productivity through replanting with new and high yielding palms and integrated development of coconut through better management practices. An amount of ₹ 7390.00 lakh is allocated for coconut development programmes under the following components.

Scientific and timely adoption of management practices of the existing and newly planted palms including soil test based nutrient application, irrigation and pest and disease management and multiple cropping systems are the activities targeted. Mechanization of farming activities and effective utilization of Karshika Karma Sena to overcome the shortage of labour will also be focused.
Comprehensive coconut rejuvenation and planting programme will be undertaken in2022-23 through the activities of Coconut Mission for rehabilitation and rejuvenation of coconut palms. An amount of 3120.00 lakh is ₹ set apart for this activity. Kera Raksha Vaaraam will be conducted in June-July 2022, coinciding with the major planting season of coconut covering new and existing plantations. Under this programme, the healthy and productive coconut palms in the entire State will be subject to basin opening and crown cleaning along with lime application, soil test based integrated nutrient management and integrated pest and disease management operations in a campaign mode.
The coconut seedlings planted during the last three years will also be managed. Application of micro and secondary nutrients will also be supported based on soil tests. The assistance will be provided in kind, wherever possible to ensure effective utilization of the funds earmarked for the purpose. All operations will be carried out with the support of LSGD and MNREGS. The facilities available with Agro Service Centres, Karshika Karma Sena andCustom Hiring Centre in the form of labour, agro machinery and other inputs will beutilized. The activities of Keragramam will also be integrated into this programme. The rate of assistance will be reduced to selected components during 2nd and 3rd year.


        The main objectives of Coconut Mission are to revive the coconut wealth of Kerala through a campaign of replanting and maintenance; to enhance productivity of coconut; and to ensure forward linkages with agro-industry. There is a need for replanting at least 75 coconut seedlings per ward every year in the state with the support of KAU, CDB, CPCRI, Farmer Producer Organisations, PACS and local governments. 25 per cent of the seedlings produced through Kerala Agricultural University will be distributed through the University. The activities under mission include cutting and removal of old, senile, unproductive and diseased palms, replanting and under planting with high yielding semi tall and dwarf varieties, rejuvenation of existing gardens by adopting integrated management practices and effective supply of seeds nuts. The third-year grant for Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation of Coconut palms in the Aralam Farm and converting it into a coconut seed farm is also included under Coconut Mission.

An amount of 2500.00 lakh is set apart for coconut ₹ seed nut procurement and seedling production through the Departmental farms.