Production and Distribution of Quality Planting Materials and Improvement of departmental farms

H/A: 2401-00-104-91 Rs.1275.00 lakh H/A: 4401-00-104-98 Rs. 150.00 lakh

              The main objective of the scheme is to ensure timely availability of good quality planting materials in required quantity to the farmers of the State. Modernization of departmental farms and its development as centers of demonstration of advanced agricultural technology like Hi-Tech farming, precision farming, high density planting, aquaponics and Integrated Farming system models are envisaged  under the scheme. An amount of ₹ 1425.00 lakh is earmarked for the scheme during 2024-25.

The component wise breakup of the scheme is shown below.

An amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is set apart for the planting material production of fruits and vegetables including grafts and seedlings through VFPCK. The Director of Agriculture will sign an MoU with VFPCK with respect to the quantity and quality of planting material to be produced by VFPCK specifying the timeline of implementation of activities before release of funds.


An amount of ₹ 150.00 lakh is set apart for mechanization and infrastructure development in farms including establishment of demonstration units. An amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is earmarked to facilitate online sale of branded products from departmental farms. The amount will be utilized for branding of farm products with traceability and development and maintenance of online sale platform for farm products. This will be followed by VFPCK also.