Human Resource Development

H/A: 2415-01-277-98 Rs. 335.00 lakh

             Capacity building of officials on the latest updates in agriculture sector is imperative for efficient transfer of technology to the farming community and its adoption. The components of this programme include specialized training to officials in eminent institutions at state and national level to upgrade the technical and managerial competence.

          An amount of ₹ 335.00 lakh is allocated for the scheme during 2024-25 as below.

                 Onfarm trainings on advanced technologies envisaged through SAMETI to Department officials at block level will be entrusted to Kerala Agricultural University. This will be conducted by Director of Extension, KAU. The proposal for the collaborative training to officers of the State Department of Agriculture Development and Farmers Welfare with KAU will be submitted to the Departmental Working Group for approval before implementation. Participation of department officials in the various certificate courses on advanced subjects offered by Kerala Agricultural University is also envisaged under the scheme. Transparency will be maintained in selection of candidates for the courses. The eligibility criteria will be fixed by the Director of Agriculture and approved in the Departmental Working Group. An amount of ₹ 240.00 lakh is earmarked for human resource development. On approval, advance amount will be transferred to Director of Extension, KAU before initiation of programmes scheduled. Training to farmers and international exposure visits are not covered under this scheme.
An amount of ₹ 95.00 lakh is allocated for strengthening of SAMETI. However for this purpose a master plan will be prepared by the department and placed before the Departmental Working Group. The amount will not be used for non-plan expenditure.