Crop Health Management

H/A: 2401-00-107-78 Rs. 1300.00 lakh

                     The approach of crop health management will be to bring together management towards sustainable ecosystems and people's health through Good Plant Protection Practices (GPPP). During 2024-25, an amount of ₹ 1300.00 lakh is earmarked under this scheme for the following components.

                Advisories will be provided to the farmers based on systematic surveillance. An amount of ₹ 135.00 lakh is earmarked for Pest and disease surveillance & advisory services. The service of Pest Scouts will be utilized for field activities including farm plan based development and field visits scheduled in consultation with Agricultural Officers/Assistant Directors. The field visit details authorized by the Agricultural Officer will be made available in the portal.
ICT based pest surveillance system through Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology will be carried out for which ₹ 20.00 lakh is set apart. The pest surveillance report and action taken for effective pest control will be digitally recorded and updated and linked with the farmer registration portal.

                 New Plant Health Clinics will be established at Local Self Government level during the year for which an amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is set apart. An amount of ₹ 20.00 lakh is allocated for strengthening of the existing Plant Health Clinics. This includes ₹ 5.00 lakh set apart for operational expenses of KCPM including training at plant health clinics. The fixed plot and rowing survey will be carried out in linkage with the plant health clinics, with reduced number of fixed plots with flexibility at block level. The data will be shared with other government departments.
The parasite breeding stations functioning under the department will be strengthened to promote parasite breeding and production of bio control agents. An amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is set apart for upgradation of existing Parasite Breeding Stations as satellite centers of SBCL. Rodent control will be conducted in campaign mode across the State for which an amount of ₹ 25.00 lakh is set apart.
Wild animal attack is a major menace in the cropped areas affecting the farmers due to crop damage. During 2024-25, thrust on activities for management of wild animal attack in cropped areas through technology support will continue for which an amount of ₹ 200.00 lakh is allocated. No cash assistance will be provided for the component.