Crop Health Management

H/A: 2401-00-107-78 Rs. 770.00 lakh

Crop health is an important element of sustainable agriculture and hence strategies for pest management has to be identified scientifically. Strategies need to recognize that crop health is an essential element of sustainable agriculture. Improvements in integrated pest management can lead to sound crop health management. The approach of crop health management will bring together management towards sustainable ecosystems and people's health through Good Plant Protection Practices (GPPP).

Systematic surveillance and advisories will be provided to the farmers through advisories. The number of surveillance plot will be decided based on cropping pattern of the selected panchayats.

An amount of 150.00 lakh is earmarked for Pest forecasting & advisory services. This includes Pest Surveillance systems and advisories in potential blocks for which an amount of 100.00 lakh is provided. Establishment of 5 new Plant  Health Clinics with an outlay of 25.00 lakh and strengthening of existing Plant Health Clinics for 25.00 lakh are other activities included. The fixed plot and  rowing survey component is proposed to be restructured linked to the clinics alone, with reduced number of fixed plots with flexibility at block level. The surveillance and rowing survey will be analysed and monthly report at district level will be published. The data will be shared with other government departments. The block level plant clinics will be designated as the plant clinic of the block where support of other Agriculture officers will be ensured by the Assistant Director of Agriculture. The officers enrolled for Post Graduate Diploma in Plant health Management course will take a lead role in pest surveillance project and monthly technology advice preparation with the ATMA team.

An amount of 25.00 lakh is set apart for rodent control and 50.00 lakh for  management of wild life attack through technology support. Other successful local systems and practices prevalent for protection against wild animals and birds would also be assisted.

Bio control agents are not available in adequate quantities in all the districts. It is proposed to develop all the 9 parasite breeding stations as stocking centres for bio control agents as well as to promote parasite breeding. An amount of 25.00 lakh is  set apart for development of these nine stations and setting up of new biocontrol labs. An amount of 5.00 lakh is set apart for operational expenses of KCPM. This  includes amount for training in existing and new plant health clinics. The database on clinics as well as surveillance data of KCPM will be linked with the farmer registration portal.

ICT based pest surveillance system through IIITMK will be carried out in coordination with KCPM for which 15.00 lakh is set apart. The pest surveillance  report and action taken for effective pest control will be recorded and updated by KCPM.