Soil and Root Health Management & Productivity Improvement

H/A: 2401-00-800-28 Rs. 550.00 lakh

               The main objective of the scheme is to provide support to farms and farmers to improve soil health thereby increasing productivity. Soil test based application of nutrients and integrated nutrient management practices will be promoted in non-paddy crops under the scheme. Only those nutrients as prescribed in the KAU, Package of Practices will be supported. During 2024-25, an amount of ₹ 550.00 lakh is earmarked for this scheme under the following components.

                 Under this programme, quality inputs for integrated nutrient management in non paddy crops including soil ameliorants, secondary and micro nutrients to supplement crop production will be supported based on soil analysis. Assistance will be provided in kind, wherever possible. The quantity of input requirement will be as per the KAU Package of Practices recommendations. The Krishi Bhavan staff will assist the farmers in prescribing the nutrient quantity and quality. Supply of secondary and micro nutrient based on soil test data will be supported. An amount of ₹ 412.00 lakh is set apart for promoting integrated nutrient management practises for non paddy crops including support to secondary and micro nutrients. Efforts to actively support cultivation and use of green manure crops will be promoted in panchayats with the financial support of LSGs.
Cultural practices to support root development and growth, seed treatment  using bio fertilizers and bio pesticides will be promoted as prescribed by KAU. The quality of these will be ensured by the department. An amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is earmarked for this purpose.
Soil testing campaigns will be done throughout the State with the coordination of Department of Agriculture Development & Farmers Welfare and Department of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation and the results uploaded in the Soil Digital portal to be developed by Department of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation as part of Agristack. An amount of ₹ 38.00 lakh is set apart for soil test campaigns.