Development and Promotion of Location Specific Crops

H/A: 2401-00-103-75 Rs. 323.00 lakh


In order to promote the cultivation of minor millets, oil seed crops like groundnut and sesamum and sugarcane in specific AEUs, assistance is provided for procurement of quality seeds, land preparation, irrigation and other cultivation requirements.

Promotion of crop production activities in tribal lands so as to ensure food and nutritional security to tribal population focusing on activities including conservation of traditional varieties and traditional practices with proven scientific basis is also included.

Activities will be taken up on a project mode in coordination with ST department. An amount of 25.00 lakh is earmarked for Attappady Tribal Village programme to support traditional crops from production to marketing. For cultivation of traditional millets in Idukki district an amount of 6.00 lakh is provided.

Promotion of the traditional practice of simultaneous raising of millets and pulses is also included. To support cultivation of vegetables, tubers etc. carried out by tribal population of Athirappally, an amount of 25.00 lakh is set apart as project based assistance for Athirappally Tribal Valley Agriculture Project.

 An amount of 170.00 lakh is set apart for area expansion of sugarcane, sesamum and groundnut. A new component for area expansion of Tirur betel-vine, vettiver and garlic is included for which an amount of 40.00 lakh is set apart. A special programme for Marayur sugarcane on-farm processing and value addition with special emphasis to GI product ‘Marayursarkara’ for an amount of 7.00 lakh is also included.

An amount of 50.00 lakh is earmarked for Subhiksha Keralam programme for area expansion of millets through fallow land cultivation. An amount of 323.00 lakh is set apart for the scheme.