Farm Plan Based Production Programme including pre-production support

H/A: 2401-00-104-67 Rs. 1000.00 lakh

          The guidelines approved for implementation of the approach will be followed during 2024-25 also. The size of each basic farm unit will range from minimum area of 10 cents to maximum of 200 cents excluding the area occupied by house or building. Focus will be on Integrated Farming system-based model of development and on cropping systems based on coconut, spices, vegetables and fruits. The beneficiary or the farm will be identified as per the guidelines issued by the department and approved in consultation with LSGD authorities. While identifying the units, suitable schemes of LSGD will also be merged with the State scheme in order to bring comprehensive development of the farm. It is envisaged that 50 percent of beneficiaries of the project will be women.
A suitable mix of crops and/or livestock and fisheries as per farm plan prepared by the Agricultural Officer in coordination with the farmer and Block level agriculture knowledge centres will be implemented so as to enhance the income from unit land. Adoption of improved management practices will also be promoted.

              Soil samples will be collected from the farms and analyzed for soil fertility. Soil health Card will be distributed to these farms to enable soil test based practices. An amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is earmarked for distribution of soil health cards to farms. An amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is allocated for state level small farm mechanization project with multi stakeholder participation including KAU and KSAMM.

           Suitable arrangements will be worked out by the Department for provision of production, pre-production, including arranging credit support through Kisan Credit Card (KCC). The stake holders such as Krishi Bhavan, Cooperative Societies (for input supply and credit linkage) will be coordinated into a single window system through technology integration along with support from Animal Husbandry and Fisheries. The facilities available through Agro Service Centres and service of Karshika Karma senas will be utilized effectively. The assistance will be provided in kind and no cash assistance will be given. The pattern of assistance with respect to each crop/component in the farm plan will be fixed by the Department with a committee of experts. The support from the State Plan will be in the form of inputs and services through PACS, Karshika Karma Sena and Agro Service Centre in addition to the services of Krishi Bhavan. It is clear that the support under this scheme will not involve cash subsidy or cash support of any kind to the farmers.
During 2024-25, an amount of ₹ 1000.00 lakh is earmarked for pre-production and production support of inputs and services for establishment of model farms. Farm units already established as part of this scheme will be supported selectively. This selection will be in consultation with LSGs and following a strict evaluation criteria. The shortlisted farms will be subjected to final selection by Agricultural officer in consultation with representatives of LSG and following a strict evaluation criteria. It is made clear that the total period of support to the same farm will not exceed 2 years. Farm units identified during 2023-24 only will be supported. The evaluation of farms established under the FPD approach will be done on a regular basis on the proforma developed by Director of Extension, KAU and evaluation report will be submitted by the implementing officers.
At least 15 new farm units will be developed in each panchayat during 2024- 25. The selection is strictly subject to the condition that all farm units developed under the scheme are geotagged along with their resource database including the soil health card details. This condition will be part of the administrative sanction which will be issued by the Administrative department. The technical persons including project specific staff will be suitably deployed for the field level work by the department in the related field of work eg. Pest Scouts  under Crop Health management Scheme will be assigned work in Panchayat areas under a particular block and they will be visiting the Farm Plan Development units on a regular interval.