Scheme on Kerala Agro Ecology Based Biodiversity Conservation

About Scheme

    The 'Subhiksham Surakshitham Project - Bharatiya Prakartik Krishi Padhathi (Kerala Agro Ecology Based Biodiversity Conservation)' is being implemented in Kerala with the joint assistance of the Central and State Governments to promote natural agriculture. Through this project, it is proposed to implement fully eco-friendly cultivation in 84000 hectares of land in the state in phases.  At the block level, the  project is implemented through a total of 168 clusters of at least 500 hectares per cluster. For this up to `26.52 lakh is provided to a cluster.

The project aims to ensure all groups with PGS certification, form organic villages, adapt soil structure to climate change, enhance immunity through safe food, promote eco-friendly farming at low cost, maintain ecological balance and utilize traditional agricultural knowledge.