Punarjani- Restoration of Agricultural Sector in Post Flood Scenario

H/A: 4401-00-800-94 Rs. 185.00 lakh

Heavy flood and other natural calamities which occurred during 2018 & 2019 has caused heavy loss to standing crops as well as stored products, machinery, storage structures, infrastructure facilities etc. in farmers fields as well as in department farms, office buildings etc. Moreover loss to agricultural land needs to be compensated. The scheme envisages to revive the damages caused in floods and landslides of 2018 and 2019. Employment and income generation activities will be given more thrust.

Rejuvenation and area expansion of major crops, rejuvenation of infrastructure development of padasekharams and garden lands, mechanization, development of markets, nurseries, office buildings and farms under department of agriculture, rejuvenation of agricultural land damaged completely by landslide/landslip will be undertaken. This also includes drought mitigation activities like water harvesting and soil and water conservation. An amount of ₹185.00 lakh is set apart under the scheme. Out of this 20.00 lakh will be utilized for rejuvenation works in Idukki  District.