1. Extension support to farmers by way of field level visit or to farmers who visit Krishibahavan.
  2. Extension support to farmers through Karshika Vivara Sanketham by way of Online call centre, portal, social media, Online Farmers field school.
  3. Extension support through social media channels- WhatsApp no - +91 944 705 1661, Youtube channels like Kissan Krishideepam, Farm Information Bureau’s Noorumeni.
  4. TV programmes related to Good Agricultural Practices and Success stories in Agriculture- Kissan Krishideepam in Asianet channel, Asianet news channel  and Noorumeni in Doordarshan
  5. FM radio channels for promoting extension like Radio Kuttanad and Radio Mattoli Publication of free pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, books, keralakarshakan magazine and Kerala Karshakan online (in English) and Field Level Campaigns through Farm Information Bureau.
  6. Farmers training, Capacity Building and Demonstration plots through ATMA schemes.
  7. Farmer Advisories through SMS and voice messages through m-kisan portal.
  8. Farmer’s registration  through Kisan portal.
  9. Subsidy disbursal to farmers through various schemes implemented by Department.
  10. Services of skilled technicians and Farm Machinery through Agro Service Centres, Kaarshikakarma Sena and Custom Hiring Centres co-ordinated through ASHA portal.
  11. Compensation for crop loss due to Natural Calamity and Crop Insurance facility for farmers.
  12. Farmer’s training through RATTC  and FTC’s.
  13. Soil Testing services by Soil Testing LABS.
  14. Seeds, Seedlings, Planting materials and Inputs availability through Farms.
  15. Biocontrol agents, Biofertilizers, Biopesticides and Natural Enemies  production and distribution to farmers through Laboratories.
  16. Procurement and Marketing through Urbana and Rural Markets, Horticorp, VFPCK and market promotion through web and mobile applications.