Kerala Climate Resilient Agri Value Chain Modernization Project (KERA)

H/A : 2401-00-111-95 (01) Rs. 10000.00 lakh

                   The World Bank funded ‘Kerala Climate Resilient Agri Value Chain Modernization Project’ will be launched in 2024-25. The objective of the project is to enhance resilient commercialization of Kerala’s food and agriculture sector for small holder farmers, agri-based Micro, Small, Medium enterprises (MSMEs), Farmer Producer Organisations(FPOs)and Start-ups thereby invigorating local economic development. The components of the project include climate resilience and mitigation in Agriculture, enhancing small holder commercialization for local economic development through value addition, Project management Unit and Contingent Emergency Response Component and potential climate financing. During 2024-25, an amount of ₹ 10000.00 lakh including the State share is allocated for the project. The project will be implemented with the active support of Industries department for value addition component of the project.