Strengthening Agricultural Extension

H/A: 2401-00-109-80 Rs. 1170.00 lakh

The success of all agricultural development strategies depends on the adoption of scientific technology by the farmers. In order to improve income of the farmers, a field visit oriented extension system is essential in the state. The ATMA model of Agricultural extension with suitable modification integrated as ATMA plus could be popularized with appropriate convergence at the higher level with co-ordination at the lower level among the departments in the productive sector.

The outlay earmarked for the scheme for 2021-22 is 1170.00 lakh. An amount  of 130.00 lakh is set apart for strengthening of institutions involved in agricultural  extension activities. It is proposed to complete the work of upgradation of the Regional Agricultural Technology Training Centres (RATTCs) and Farmer Training Centres (FTCs) as satellite centres of SAMETI. An amount of 100.00 lakh is set  apart for this. An amount of 30.00 lakh is set apart for strengthening of Project  directorate of ATMA with additional infrastructure including provision for rent.

An amount of 150.00 lakh is earmarked for awards for best performers  consisting of farmers and extension officials.

Under the component, “Activities under ATMA” an amount of 430.00 lakh is  set apart. The subcomponents under this include HR support to Project Directorate, ATMA and Extension Wing for which 180.00 lakh is set apart. The District  Technology Managers engaged in Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Fisheries at the Project Directorate and one contract Agricultural Officer each at Farmer Training Centre, Kozhikode and Pandalam will be supported. The state share of ATMAprogrammes is included under the umbrella scheme Krishi Unnathi Yojana.


LEADS project will be continued for which 150.00 lakh is earmarked. The  scheme is proposed to be implemented through Technology and Market Unit to be constituted in the panchayats. Additional one Assistant Technology Managers (like Field Assistant of the present LEADS Panchayat) for every block will be provided to streamline the activities and to expand the LEADS activities to the whole of the state apart from the four LEADS districts viz. Wayanad, Kannur, Palakkad and Kollam. Components like LEADS, ATMA plus, MTA preparation, Panchayat Resource Group and Panchayat Farm Plan, visit of experts/officials progressive farmers to research institute, model farms are included in the project. An amount of 50 lakh is provided  for establishment of Integrated Farming System farm models at block level. An amount of 50.00 lakh is earmarked for providing operational support and hiring of  vehicles for all project directorates for effective extension delivery.

Under the component “Public Participation” out of the total outlay of 300.00 lakh an amount of 230.00 lakh is set apart for conduct of Karshika Vikasana Samithies, seminars, farmers day, review meetings assistance for farm melas, farmer meets and agro festivals including those organized by FPOs/PACS will be provided. For Karshaka Sabha and njattuvela chanthas an amount of 50.00 lakh is provided.  An amount of 20.00 lakh is set apart for monitoring and documentation of the  project implementation through PACS and FPO’s.

The ‘Karshaka Information Systems Services and Network (KISSAN) Kerala’ project initiated by Department of Agriculture in association with IIITMK will be continued. An amount of 60.00 lakh is earmarked for providing project based  assistance for KISSAN Project. The contents of the programme will be decided by the technical committee consisting of KAU extension, department officials (FIB), VFPCK and IIITMK.

An amount of 100.00 lakh is earmarked for conduct of VAIGA 2021-22.