Strengthening Agricultural Extension

H/A: 2401-00-109-80 Rs. 2503.00 lakh

              For the success of agricultural development programmes, the field extension services need to be strengthened. An amount of ₹ 2503.00 lakh is earmarked for strengthening of agricultural extension activities for better adoption of technology and scientific management practices among the farming community during 2024-25.

The component wise allocation for strengthening agricultural extension are as below.

              As part of strengthening of extension institutions, an amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is allocated for upgradation of training institutes, RATTCs and FTCs and ₹ 320.00 lakh for strengthening of project directorate of ATMA including HR support to project Directorate of ATMA and operational support. An amount of ₹ 300.00 lakh is set apart for support to LEADS including preparation of monthly technology advisories. The state share of ATMA programmes is included under the umbrella scheme Krishi Unnathi Yojana.
An amount of ₹ 70.00 lakh is earmarked for awards to best performers excluding officials. Under the component “Public Participation” an amount of ₹ 50.00 lakh is set apart for conduct of Karshika Vikasana Samithies, seminars, farmers day, review meetings, assistance for farm melas, farmer meets, Karshaka Sabha, njattuvela chanthas and agro festivals including those organized by FPOs/PACS.

              Block Level Agriculture Knowledge Centers functioning in blocks, with scientists of Kerala Agricultural University as a nodal officer will serve as an advisory body in providing technical guidance to field level offices and farmers in the successful implementation of programmes through Krishi Bhavans. The training modules will be prepared accordingly to disseminate technical inputs on a regular basis through trainings, OFTs and FLDs. An amount of ₹ 46.00 lakh is set apart for the Krishi Padhashala programme. All awareness programmes envisaged under different schemes will be covered under this component. The periodic review of Krishi Padhashala will be conducted by the Director of Agriculture on a quarterly basis. Expenses towards remuneration/ honorarium are not included. A comprehensive training module and training calendar for the year 2024-25 will be prepared by SAMETI and programmes scheduled accordingly with the approval of Director of Agriculture. No separate allocation will be made to SAMETI in this regard forpreparation of training module.

            The ‘Karshaka Information Systems Services and Network (KISSAN) Kerala’ project initiated by Department of Agriculture in association with DUK for providing ICT enabled agriculture extension services through weekly informative television programmes will be continued. An amount of ₹ 60.00 lakh is earmarked for providing project based assistance for KISSAN Project. The contents of the programme will be decided by the technical committee consisting of KAU extension, department officials, FIB, VFPCK and DUK.


                    The process of transformation of Krishi Bhavans to “Smart Krishi Bhavans” with the objective of modernizing and improving the functioning efficiency of Krishi Bhavans through e-governance and application of technology will continue. Efficient and timely delivery of services to the farming community will be the ultimate objective. An amount of ₹ 1000.00 lakh is allocated for this purpose. More Krishi Bhavans will be transformed to Smart Krishi Bhavans during the year with more focus on smart performance. The components include establishment of front office cum information center, upgradation of Plant Health Clinics, digital resource mapping of the panchayat and integration with the land revenue data, digitization of records of the Krishi Bhavans including the programmes implemented through Krishi Bhavans, online digital media library, renovation of Krishi Bhavans, and SMART card for farmers. The Krishi Bhavan should function as an advisory body to the farming community in all aspects related to agriculture development from crop planning, production planning, marketing, value addition, agripreneurship, credit information, welfare programmes, insurance support, startup promotion and advance technology dissemination. The Smart Krishi Bhavan will follow a project based approach which will run during the period of the 14th Five Year Plan. A Detailed Project Report will be prepared by the Department using the services of a competent technical organization. Only on satisfying the condition of preparation of Detailed Project Report, the administrative sanction will be issued. However no new post creation/deputation/contract will be allowed under the component. The services of existing departmental staff/contract staff will be utilized for implementation of the
An amount of ₹ 75.00 lakh is set apart for imprest fund, in order to meet the unforeseen expenses required for immediate capital expenditure in Krishi Bhavan and blocks @ ₹ 10,000/krishi bhavan/block. Group farmer contact system approach at ward level is envisaged through “Agroclinics” to facilitate transfer of technology as well as finding solutions to field problems at local levels. An amount of ₹ 7.00 lakh is set apart for conducting Agroclinics in selected constituencies.

                With the objective of providing a platform for addressing the problems of farmers in the field itself, ‘Krishi darshan’ programmes are envisaged to be conducted for which an amount of ₹ 100.00 lakh is allocated. In order to address the issue of unorganized farm production existing in the State, it is envisioned to mobilize the operations covering production, processing, value addition and services through Krishikootams in a campaign mode. An amount of ₹ 375.00 lakh is earmarked for the State wide campaign ”Njangalum Krishiyilekku”. The expenses towards this programme will be limited under this component.