Agro Service Centres and Service Delivery

H/A: 2401-00-113-83 Rs. 650.00 lakh H/A: 4401-00-113-98 Rs.200.00 lakhs

Agro Service Centres (ASC) are established at block level to facilitate integration of services like mechanisation, ATMA based extension, credit support, weather advisory services, soil testing support and other technology based services. In order to provide full-fledged service to the farmers at a single point, it is necessary that the various requirements of farmers such as agricultural inputs, farms related information like credit, marketing etc. are brought under a common service centre. The Agro Service Centres support transfer of technology and service delivery. The Panchayat Raj institutions are expected to provide additional infrastructure support to the Agro Service Centres. These centres act as technology and information disseminating centres with facilitating role in field visits. A mobile farm clinic is also established at the block level to provide solution to the field problems equipped with audiovisual and online support. The Agro Service Centres work to support the ATMA activities as well as mechanization. The farmers service centers proposed at the block level under the Cooperation Department will be linked with the Agro Service Centres for input delivery.

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Agro Service Centres and Karshika Karma Senas constitute skilled labour force at block and panchayat level respectively providing required farm operations at the doorstep of farmers at affordable rates. Custom Hiring Centres functioning under the department also support these activities through repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery. In order to facilitate a single window service delivery to farmers,  convergence of these three institutions as sustainable Self Help Groups in the farm sector viz. “Krishisree” will be worked out.

It is proposed to establish new Krishisree centres during 2021-22 including Corporation and Municipality areas for which an amount of 250.00 lakh is set apart.

A business plan will be developed for each Agro Service Centre, Karshika Karma Sena, Custom Hiring Centre and Krishisree as the case may be for its efficient and profitable functioning and self-sustainability in the coming years. A single unit shall have a business plan earning an income of 5.00 lakh/unit. The centres will set  up nurseries and other services in all the centres. The services will be linked to Karshika Karma Sena wherever possible.

In order to strengthen the activities of the existing Agro Service Centres/Krishisree Centres based on a business plan an amount of 50.00 lakh is set  apart. The operational support will be for one more year to make the centres selfsustainable.

An amount of 60.00 lakh is set apart for the support of selected Karshika Karma Senas. Agro Service Centres and Karshika Karma Senas will develop a business plan and the amount earmarked will be utilized accordingly. A performance analysis of all Agro Service Centres and Karshika Karma Sena will be undertaken before providing assistance.

In order to provide accident insurance to members of Karshika Karma Sena and Agro Service Centres and the newly proposed Krishisree units, a group insurance programme in association with insurance companies with beneficiary contribution will be constituted. An amount of 20.00 lakh is earmarked for remitting insurance premium.

For meeting the operational expenses including wages of mobile clinics and repair of vehicles in Krishibhavans, an amount of 110.00 lakh is set apart.  An amount of 210.00 lakh is set apart towards honorarium to data entry  operators engaged as part of National e-Governance Programme (NeGP).

The Kerala State Agricultural Mechanisation Mission (KSAMM), the apex body for the guidance of Agro Service Centres and Karshika Karma Sena will develop an organizational structure for linking Karshika Karma Sena, Agro Service Centres and Custom Hiring Centres and coordinate the functioning of these three agencies as a single unit based on the business plan. An amount of 200.00 lakh is set apart for functional expenses of KSAMM out which an amount of 50.00 lakh is for repair and maintenance of farm machinery. The activities include organizing panchayat level and block level awareness programmes, repair and maintenance of farm machinery on campaign basis, data collection, consolidation and reporting and collection of required spare parts.

Agro machinery service centres/Regional Farm Facilitation Centres established at Alappuzha, Thrissur and Kozhikode will be coordinated by the apex body with the support of engineering wing of the department. The ITI trained people engaged at Agro Service Centres if available will also be used for the repair services. It is envisaged that 15 percent of beneficiaries of the project will be women.