During the year 2020-21,following schemes are included under other programmes.

Farmer Welfare Fund Board

Farmer Welfare Fund Board   H/A: 2401-00-109-76  Rs. 100.00 lakh

The pension schemes and welfare programmes implemented at present throughAgriculture Development &Farmers Welfare Department will be taken up through theBoard. An amount of Rs. 100.00 lakh is earmarked under this programme.


Restructured State Crop Insurance scheme

International Research and Training Centre for Below Sea level Farming, Kuttanad
H/A: 2415-01-004-88  Rs. 20.00 lakh


The outlay is provided for popularizing innovative activities, resolving field problems of Kuttanad region and for operational expenses.

Warehousing Corporation – Share

Kerala State Warehousing Corporation – Share participation
H/A: 4408-02-190-99  Rs. 25.00 lakh


State Government has to provide share participation to the Kerala State Warehousing Corporation to match the flow of funds from the Central Warehousing Corporation. An amount of Rs. 25.00 lakh is provided for this purpose during 2020-21.