Soil and Root Health Management & Productivity Improvement

H/A: 2401-00-800-28 Rs. 2462.00 lakh

The improvement of soil health is essential for augmenting crop productivityconsidering the depleted nutrient status of the soil resource of the state. Based on soiltesting, service would be rendered with more focus on application of soil test resultsfor improving the productivity of crops.
Quality inputs for correcting the soil pH and also for providing secondary andmicro nutrients to supplement crop production will be provided based on soil analysis.The input supply will be soil test based and the quantity of input requirement will be asper the KAU recommendation. A major intervention in management of soil acidity isrequired to improve crop productivity. An amount of Rs.2387.00 lakh is set apart forsupply of soil ameliorants to all districts. Supply of secondary and micro nutrientbased on soil test data and green manure application will be supported for whichRs.50.00 lakh is set apart.Cultural practices to support root development and growth like seed treatmentusing bio fertilizers and bio-pesticides, application of trichoderma, use of VesicularArbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM), application of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB),Organic manure application, Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) etc willbe promoted. Support for on farm production and application of VAM in selectedKrishibhavans will also be provided. An amount of Rs.25.00 lakh is earmarked for this purpose.The components of the scheme are shown above: