Human Resource Development

H/A: 2415-01-277-98 Rs. 250.00 lakh

During the year 2012-13, it was initiated to depute senior technical officers forpost graduate courses in Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, Entomology,Plant Pathology, Agronomy and Soil Science in KAU for facilitating theimplementation of extension schemes. The scheme will continue during 2020-21 also.It is necessary to depute the senior officers to attend workshops, seminars andconferences at state and national level. Another important purpose of the outlay is todepute technical officers of the Department to short term training in eminentinstitutions of the country and other institutions to upgrade the technical andmanagerial competence. KAU will reserve separate seats for the deputed candidatesfor the 6 courses. The outlay is for these purposes. The HRD scheme also will becoordinated by the Project Director, ATMA for convergence at district level. Anamount of 200.00 lakhs is set apart for this component.

Capacity building programme on crop health management will be continued forthe technical officers in association with NIPHM. The PG diploma course in PlantHealth Management launched for the officers of the department of Agriculture atSAMETI in collaboration with NIPHM, Hyderabad, will be supported additionally todevelop specialist team of officers on plant health management. The amount ofRs. 50.00 lakh set apart for capacity building will also be utilised for projects taken upby the officers enrolled for the PGDPHM course.The component wise breakup of the scheme is shown above: