1. Rice Development

H/A: 2401-00-102-90 Rs. 11824.00 lakh

The scheme on rice development thrusts upon promotion of paddy cultivation in
the state through group farming and area expansion programmes like fallow land cultivation, single crop to double crop and upland rice cultivation concentrating on the rice growing agro ecological units with natural endowments for augmenting rice productivity.

Revitalization of paddy cultivation in areas affected by flood will be the focused.The ultimate objective would be to increase the area under rice to 3.00 lakh hectare by the end of 13th five year plan. An outlay of Rs. 11824.00lakh is provided during 2020-21.Under group farming an amount of Rs.6473.00 lakh is provided. An amount of Rs.6073.00.lakh is set apart for input assistance under sustainable rice developmentcomponent@ Rs.5500/ha. The support for input assistance will be in the form of quality seeds, inputs (based on AEU based recommendations from Krishi Bhavan),and certification and bio control agents only.An amount of Rs.300.00 lakh is set apart for promoting group farming activitiesof the active padasekhara samithies. The amount will be released to padasekharasamithies based on a transparent criterion for promoting group farming and facilitatinge-payment system. Considering the need of reviving paddy cultivation in the postflood scenario, an amount of Rs. 70.00 lakh is set apart for project based support forinfrastructure development in padasekharams including block level convergence andestablishment of rice mills and parboiling units. The projects prepared should be identified and approved by the Director of Agriculture. Convergence with activities under RKVY, RIDF, Other CSS and LSGD schemes should be ensured in undertaking infrastructural development. The scheme will be implemented in integration with good working PACS in the area.


An amount of Rs.30.00lakh is set apart to provide operational support to paddy development agencies in a project based manner. For bringing additional area under paddy cultivation, promotion of fallow land cultivation, raising double crop in single cropped areas, upland paddy and specialty rice cultivation will be supported with an allocation of Rs. 840.00 lakh.

Rice fallows will be brought under sustainable cultivation in a phased manner in project mode with the active involvement and convergence of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS), Kudumbasree, PACS, FPOs and theLSGD institutions. An amount of Rs.600.00 lakh is set apart for promotion of fallow land cultivation. The assistance to farmers will be based on a panchayat level list of beneficiaries prepared under the supervision of a team headed by Agricultural Officers, in consultation with LSGD institutions, PACS and FPOs wherever necessary.

Upland cultivation will be expanded in locations based on suitability as per thereport of AEUs, for which an amount of Rs.100.00 lakh is set apart. Here also fornecessary infrastructure creation, handholding of LSGD institutions, PACS andMNREGS will be ensured. An year wise database of fallow land cultivated includingarea under cultivation, management practices followed, yield per hectare, will bemaintained at each Krishibhavan and Panchayat.An amount of Rs. 70.00 lakh for raising double crop in single cropped paddy landand Rs. 70.00 lakh for promotion of specialty rice is provided. Out of this Rs.20.00lakh is for promotion of specialty rice in Wayanad district.In order to ensure the availability of certified seeds suitable to the localityRegistered Seed Growers’ Programme (RSGP)/ Seed Village Programme (SVP) willbe continued. An amount of Rs. 125.00 lakh is provided for this purpose. A list ofRSGs will be maintained as a database.

Considering the pivotal role of paddy land conservation in environmentprotection, an amount of Rs. 4000.00 lakh is set apart for Royalty to the owners ofcultivable paddy land @ Rs.2000/ ha for conserving the cultivable paddy lands.An amount of Rs. 200.00 lakh is earmarked for ‘Operation Double Kole’ acomponent to encourage double cropping in Kole areas. The assistance will beprovided for inputs and infrastructure development based on the project proposal fromthe special officer of the programme. The convergence of schemes RKVY, RIDF andKerala Agricultural University will be ensured.Special Assistance for Rs.136.00 lakh is provided for Pokkali cultivation, atraditional rice growing tract. The assistance will be provided based on separate projectproposal covering production and field level infrastructure component and fordevelopment of customized harvesting machines. An amount of Rs.50.00 lakh is setapart for operationalization of paddy and wetland act 2008. The component wise breakup of the scheme is shown on top of the page: