Development of Fruits, Flowers and Medicinal plants

H/A: 2401-00-119-79 Rs. 2515.00 lakh

For the development of fruits, flowers and medicinal plants, an amount of ₹2515.00 lakh is set apart during 2021-22. It is envisaged that 25 percent ofbeneficiaries of the project will be women.

A massive programme for fruit development introduced in 2020-21 in the state with the objective of popularizing cultivation of fruit crops will be continued. Production and supply of planting material, area expansion programmes, management, harvesting, cold storage, processing, value addition and marketing, supply chain development and all programmes for holistic fruit promotion and enhancement of farmers income will be supported through this scheme. Thrust will be  given for promotion of exotic fruits like litchi, rambutan, avocado, mangosteen etc. in addition to indigenous fruits. Homestead and commercial cultivation of fruits will be promoted. The project will be implemented by the Department of Agriculture Development and Farmers Welfare with the support of Kerala Agricultural University, VFPCK and Horticorp. The fruit development programme will be phased out for a period of 10 years.

During 2021-22 an amount of 2190.00 lakh is earmarked for fruit development in the state, for progeny orchards, propagation, and production enhancement through area expansion, irrigation support, hardening units, popularizing fruit plants for homesteads as well as commercial cultivation giving thrust to exotic fruits. Development of indigenous fruits like banana, pineapple etc. are also included in the programme. The facilities available with the Departmental Farms /nurseries shall also be utilized for development of orchards. The implementation shall be based on the Detailed Project Report for comprehensive development of fruits submitted by the Department of Agriculture Development and Farmers Welfare. VFPCK, KAU,  KVKs, PACS, FPOs shall be integrated into the programme specifying the roles and targets. The MIDH and PMKSY schemes (CSS) will be integrated with the fruit development programme to provide maximum assistance to the farmers to take up cultivation of exotic fruits. No separate manpower and vehicle will be provided under the programme. An amount of 500.00 lakh is set apart for cold chain development  in banana and other tropical fruits. An amount of 2.00 lakh is set apart for DPR  preparation by an approved agency.


The project will be implemented in all districts by the department of Agriculture in coordination with VFPCK, FPOs, LSGDs and good working PACS. Fruit village in Wayanad and Muthalamada in Palakkad district will form part of this programme.

An amount of 200.00 lakh is earmarked for area expansion of indigenous and exotic fruits through accredited and experienced Farmer Producer Companies. Registration of beneficiary farmers and geotagging of demonstration plots shall be ensured. Markets for selling the produce shall be identified in advance to assure reasonable price to farmers. Value addition and establishment of supply chain will also be promoted. An amount of 500.00 lakh each is allocated for fruit development in Idukki and Wayanad districts giving thrust to development of exotic fruits. An amount of 100.00 lakh is set apart for fallow land cultivation of banana under Subhiksha Keralam programme.

Assistance will be provided for the establishment of floriculture units, establishment of new floriculture nurseries including tissue culture units, establishment of grading, packing centres and market intelligence support. Flori villages will be established and suitable markets identified for marketing of flowers. Flowering plants will be selected based on the site suitability and marketing potential. An amount of 100.00 lakh is earmarked for this programme, out of which ₹10.00  lakh is for floriculture development in Idukki District. The funds from RKVY and SHM will be integrated with the project.

The project for promotion of medicinal plants will be implemented in the state. An amount of ₹50.00 lakh is earmarked for area expansion through clusters, setting up of collection centres, Plant Health Management units and for transportation and marketing facilities. The scheme will be implemented in selected districts through the Department of Agriculture and arrangements for market tie up will be made with Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals in the government/private sector. The scheme implemented with the support of Medicinal Plants Board will be integrated with the project.

Procurement, trading and processing of jackfruit through VFPCK is included for which an amount of ₹75.00 lakh is set apart. Out of this an amount of ₹25.00 lakh  each is allocated to Idukki and Wayanad districts for procurement, trading and processing of jackfruit.