General Transfer 2020

Agricultural Officer - Proceedings

Agricultural Officer - Draft List

Agricultural Field Officer - Proceedings

Agricultural Field Officer - Draft List

Agricultural Assistant - Proceedings

Agricultural Assistant - Draft List

JS/Sr.Clerk/Clerk/FCS/UDT/CA - Proceedings

Junior Superintendent - Draft List

Sr. Clerk - Draft List

Clerk - Draft List

Fair Copy Superintendent - Draft List

U.D.Typist - Draft List

Confidential Assistant - Draft List

Assistant Engineer - Proceedings

Assistant Engineer - Draft List

Assistant Executive Engineer - Proceedings

Assistant Executive Engineer - Draft List

Assistant Director of Agriculture - Proceedings

Assistant Director of Agriculture - Draft List

Administrative Assistant - Proceedings

Administrative Assistant - Draft List

Scientific Assistant - Proceedings

Scientific Assistant - Draft List

Lab Attender - Proceedings

Lab Attender - Draft List

Lab Assistant - Proceedings

Lab Assistant - Draft List

Driver - Proceedings

Driver - Draft List

Mechanic - Proceedings

Mechanic - Draft List

Senior Mechanic - Draft List

Store - in - Charge - Proceedings

Store - in - Charge - Draft List

Tractor Driver - Proceedings

Tractor Driver - Draft List

Draughtsman / Overseer Grade - I - Proceedings

Draughtsman / Overseer Grade - I - Draft List

Draughtsman / Overseer Grade - II - Proceedings

Draughtsman / Overseer Grade - II - Draft List


Circular -Extension of Date for forwarding Applications

Likely Vacancy List as on 25/06/2020

Notification - General Transfer 2020

Government Order - General Transfer 2020

Government Order - Compassionate Ground

Government Order - 3/2017/P&ARD

Modified Station Mapping List

List of Offices in Difficult Areas

Circular on Station Mapping 

Station Mapping List

Departmental Orders
GOs/ Circulars
Seniority List

Joint Director of Agriculture

Deputy Director of Agriculture

Assistant Director of Agriculture

Senior Scientific Assistant

LD Clerk

Agricultural Assistant having B.Sc Agriculture degree

Agricultural Assistant

Agricultural Assistant / Assistant Agricultural Officer

Agricultural Field Officer

Confidential Assistant


Junior superintendent

Administrative Assistant/ Accounts Officer

Overseer Grade II

Last Grade Employees

Senior superintendent



Transfer/Promotion Orders

Senior  Superintendent

Deputy Director of Agriculture

Fair Copy Superintendent

LAB Assistant

UD Clerk/Senior Clerk


Confidential Assistant 

Transfer - Agricultural Assistants

Ratio Promotion-Agricultural Assistant Grade II to Agricultural Assistant Grade I

Ratio Promotion-Agricultural Assistant Grade I to Assistant Agricultural Officer

Scientific Assistant 

Scientific Assistant Grade-II to Grade I

Scientific Assistant Grade I to Senior Grade Scientific Assistant

Attender/Lab Attender

Promotion to the post of Senior Grade Scientific Assistant

Promotion to the cadre of Senior Clerk / UDC - 26/01/2005 TO 03/10/2013 - Final Order

Promotion to the cadre of Clerk from Last Grade Service (10%)

I Grade Overseer

II Grade Overseer

Agricultural Officers - Transfer and Posting

Agricultural Officers by transfer from Agricultural Assistants under 2% quota 

Agricultural Officers from qualified Agricultural  Assistants under 13% quota

Agricultural Field Officer (Promotion Order)

Assistant Director of Agriculture

Junior Superintendent/Head Clerk

Junior Superintendent Higher Grade Ratio Promotion

Class IV Ratio Promotion

Typist Ratio Promotion

Driver Grade/Ratio Promotion

General Transfer 2019
Trainings and Courses